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We provide services to the entertainment industry and specializes in Touring bands, Film and Performing Arts Worldwide.

You deserve the best for your hotel needs.

San Diego Concierge, has a strong business relationship with all major and boutique hotel brands, saving you time and money in the process and negotiate all concessions. 

Whether film, television, theater, or music, the entertainment industry has unique needs. Hectic schedules, tight budgets, and specific requirements for cast and crew while “on location” can make it difficult for even the most seasoned entertainment professional to feel at home and find the right accommodations.

Even with just one room or a group of rooms, we have negotiated rates in hundreds of properties worldwide. 


  • Handle RFP management for hotels, resorts and unique

  • Make site evaluations if needed

  • Negotiate concessions and contract preparations

  • Streamlined booking process


Discreet guest services team available 24/7 for short & long-term global housing needs.

For specialized service tailored to the entertainment industry and a single point of contact from one of our Entertainment Industry Experts.

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